We are Independent Financial Advisers and have been together as a team of advisers and administrators for nearly 25 years. Many clients have been with us for much of that time or have been referred to us by other long standing clients.

Though we are located in South East Hampshire this has not been a barr to where our clients are located. We frequently visit and receive clients from throughout the UK and with modern communications also enjoy international clients.

We are organised into two advice and administration teams:

There is naturally an advice and administration cross over between our teams and each team is large enough to provide continuity of contact and service at any time. The approach ensures we have the strengths and greater working knowledge of being specialist or “more” expert in what can be very technical. We like to think that we have a good combination of being friendly and approachable whilst being professional. We are small enough to be personable and are large enough to have the right level of expertise at the right cost to you.

We offer advice across the whole financial market which means we are considered to be independent financial advisers. However there may be products that we do not normally encourage as they do not fall within the risk/reward needs of the majority of our clients. If your appetite for risk or need for reward is outside our normal range, we will still be able to help you but will also inform you that your appetite to risk or need for returns is outside the range of product we would more normally offer.

Independent Financial Advisers for nearly 25 years