Pre and Post retirement options

Following the announcement in the 2014 Budget of radical changes to pension options at retirement and also subsequent changes in Legislation currently going through consultation it has never been more important to review your objectives including any pensions that you have in place or thinking of starting.

Danamere can guide you through this process within your overall financial planning review or in isolation.

Our services range from a review of existing pensions, establishing new pension schemes and at the retirement date can help with regard to all income options available to you.

Deciding which retirement option is best for your circumstances is one of the most important financial decisions that many people will have to make.

Some of the questions to be considered are :

What are the options?
How much income can I get/do I need?
What are the risks/what risk can I take?
What happens when I die?

Without advice you run the risk of making wrong decisions which may have far reaching consequences.

Independent Financial Advisers for nearly 25 years